How Value Propositions Can Help Your Revenue Goals

3 years ago

If you run your own business, you’re no stranger to the word “value.” But if customers don’t understand what makes your product or service valuable, are you really moving the needle? This is where value propositions come into play — explaining what makes a company’s service exceptional and unique from its competitors.

Value propositions are commonly the first thing you see on a business’ homepage. It aims to help consumers understand what problem or pain point you’re able to solve. However, writing effective value propositions is not always as easy as it sounds.

That’s why CleverTap put together this guide and infographic that highlights 21 value proposition examples from well-known companies. Among these examples are billion-dollar businesses like WeWork, Asana, Postmates, and Zocdoc. Regardless of your industry, this guide serves as a productive resource for all business owners who need some help writing a competitive value proposition.

Within the guide, CleverTap highlights several tips for writing proper value propositions. Among these they discuss the importance of appealing to the majority of your company’s market. Many companies offer multiple products or services which meet several target audiences.

Finding common ground between a diverse product line can be a challenge for some business owners and leads to a confused consumer. This is why value propositions should be easy to understand across several audiences.

Zocdoc is an example of a business that appeals to this tip. It states: “Find doctors in your network.” While some argue Zocodoc is playing it safe, this value proposition serves an expansive demographic.

Sticking to the point can increase the number of consumers who understand your purpose, thus increasing your customer base. Consider writing a value proposition that is direct, it can go a long way in just a few syllables.

Investing in your value proposition can do wonders for your business — for some this means making the jump from a start-up to a billion dollar company. To learn more about crafting an exceptional value proposition, check out some of the tips from the infographic below.

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value proposition examples

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