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Write For EcommerceTips

I started this blog to share my ecommerce expertise and inspire other ecommerce entrepreneurs. If you share my values, I’d love to hear from you!

What I’m looking for in a guest blog pitch

I am happy for you to contact me with a guest blog pitch, but only if it touches on the following themes that are relevant to my audience:

  • Ecommerce-related roundups, preferably looking at the latest industry trends.
  • Business-focused content that speaks to a key entrepreneurial challenge or pain point.
  • SEO or social media ecommerce tips and guidance.
  • Ecommerce tools and platforms: reviews, guides, user tips etc.

When you get in touch, tell me a little bit about yourself and why you are qualified to write the post. Share any previous written work or websites you currently write for.

Editorial guidelines

  1. As this website is ‘tips’ focused, I don’t want to see overtly promotional or advertorial content. Your post needs to be informational.
  2. Please keep the word count between 750-1500 words unless we’ve made a separate agreement on this.
  3. You can link back to your website and any resources you think are useful for the reader, but I don’t allow links for purely-SEO purposes or ‘spam’.
  4. If you do get featured and published, please share the post and respond to any comments.

Editorial process

Send me your guest post pitch with the subject line “Ecommerce Tips Guest Post” to patrick@ecommercetips.org and I will get back to you with my thoughts. If agreed, I will endeavor to publish your post not long after you submit it, but please note that I cannot guarantee a publish date. I reserve the right to not publish any work (even a pre-approved title), if I feel that the finished product does not suit Ecommerce Tips.