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5 Ways Ecommerce Businesses Can Get More Email Subscribers

3 years ago

So, what happens when a potential new lead discovers and looks at your products or consumes your content? At least 95% of the time, they read it and move on with their day.

While buying is the first goal, getting an email is a close second.

The scary thing is that the “Subscribe Now” optin box you see on every site out there gets less than a 1% optin rate.

So, if you can’t get people to sign up for your emails, then how do you get their contact information?

Here are 5 ways e-commerce stores can get more email subscribers.

1. Unique Content Upgrades

The first technique to get more email subscribers is simple: Give them what they want.

Fortunately, your visitors are already telling you what they want. They want to learn more about the topic they’re currently reading or the product they’re viewing.

Take advantage of this knowledge with Content Upgrades.

You can incorprate content upgrades with this simple lead funnel in your blog posts or articles.

For example, let’s say you have a store that sells golf supplies, and you wrote the post “10 Tips To Help Pick The Perfect Putter” and provided detailed examples for each item.

A Content Upgrade might be a PDF checklist the reader can print out, take to a physical store, and work through on their own.

2. Exit Pop

An exit pop-up is a window that appears on a site just as the visitor’s mouse is about to move off the page. The design of the exit pop-up will push the visitor to enter their email address.

It’s basically a last-ditch effort to get their email by making them a no-brainer offer to which they can’t say no.

Marcus Taylor the CEO of Venture Harbour said, “Don’t use pop-ups…unless they’re exit-intent pop-ups.”

3. 2-Step Optin

In a two-step opt-in, the visitor first clicks on a banner or button before they see the actual optin form where they enter their email.

This works because instead of the vistor seeing a scary form that asks for their email, they see an unassuming little button. It’s a much smaller decision to decide to click a button versus filling out a form.

After the actual form pops up, the vistitor thinks, “Since I started this process, I might as well finish it.”

And they do.

This is a behavioral pattern is based on “commitment and consistency”principle established by Robert Cialdini in the book, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.

4. Pop-Up Coupon

This is an instant offer for first-time subscribers. For example, H&M offers a 20% off coupon when new visitors join their email list.

According to Optin Monster:

Among American shoppers, coupons have the biggest influence on purchase decisions, way ahead of suggestions from friends and ads from brands. With 71% citing coupons as an influence, it’s a no-brainer to add one to your site so you can get more sales

5. Browser Push Notifications

This one is a little different than the other four because it’s not about getting email addresses, but building a list through push notifications.

If you’ve signed up for these before, you’ve probably seen the little messages pop up at the top right of your screen that you can click on to go a page the website owner direct you to.

A small window pops up when a visitor lands on a site that asks if they would love to get updates in their browser.  They simply just click “yes” to subscribe.

Once the visitor becomes a subscriber, the site owners can send them messages right to their browser as small popups.

You can customize the title, image, and description in the messages. The subscriber can click on the notification and take them to the website you specified in the message.

A great service to start with is Subscribers.com because it’s free for the first 200 subscribers.  Once you have 200, you’ll have a good gauge if this tactic is working for your business.


Emails are the lifeblood of any online business, so test all of these strategies to see which ones help you convert more vistors into leads.

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