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Keep These Ecommerce Mistakes At Bay For A Flawless Online Store

3 years ago

Today, the ecommerce world is full of opportunities. But you can’t avoid the risks it carries. Selling your products online opens up huge new markets for many businesses, a 24/7 open store helping you to reach a global market without the costs of mailings and call centers.

Running an ecommerce website or store is not as easy as throwing up some shopping cart software and pilling products into a database. Here, we list a few mistakes that you should avoid when creating your online store.

#1  Incomplete Product Information

Online stores lack the customer interaction provided at a brick and mortar store by the customer support associates. This requires attention as your customers are always eager to know every minute detail of your product.

Add as much product information as you can be it sizes, materials, dimensions to any other pertinent information on what the product is. Always use descriptive words rather than technical terms to help your customers understand your product easier.

#2  Small and Unclear Product Images

As online stores are not handled physically, being a store owner, you should always try to recreate and improve upon the consumer experience. Uploading small images or only one image of the product can cause trouble to the shoppers as they do not get a clear idea about the product.

To avoid such distractions, you should always upload good quality pictures with a zoom-in option to enable customers to view the image as large as possible.

#3  Complex Shopping Cart

Keeping a complex purchase cart can be big trouble for customers. It is crucial that you let shoppers add multiple products, whilst remaining transparent at the same time.

Also, it is cumbersome for a customer to create an account for buying items. Hence, keeping it short and simple is the best option to have customer engagement. You can also keep an option of the mini cart where the customer does not have to leave the page while adding items to their cart.

#4  Underpricing your products

In the bottleneck of competition for online store owners, you always want to achieve constant growth. Keeping the profits in mind, the sellers usually make a mistake by tagging products with low price. It may feel good for some advertisement, but in the long run, the customers might assume about the quality of the product.

Consumers may doubt the quality and may feel insecure about purchasing your items. You should always keep an eye on the price list by comparing it with the other sellers as well on the same product which can also help you keep gaining your profits.

#5  Lack of Market Research

Often it happens that an ecommerce store owner updates their portfolio without giving a second thought to what the customers want to buy or research any consumer purchasing details.

It is highly recommended to check or look after the customer purchasing behavior to identify the best products which are getting a higher response.

No individual can ever predict the future of ecommerce businesses, and so you have to use your shortcuts by researching the demand, knowing your customer, filling the market gap or keep a healthy marketing plan.

The industry is continually changing, and it becomes essential to keep yourself updates whether you are an ecommerce novice or a seasoned pro. Keep going forward with your ecommerce trends and enjoy the benefit for years to come.

About the author: Olivia Diaz is working in a Magento development company eTatvaSoft.com. Apart from her professional career, She is more inclined towards blogging and sharing her ideas on a lot of development topics like Magento, Angular and more.

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