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8 Easy Social Media Tips For An Immediate Ecommerce Boost

3 years ago
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If you have an ecommerce company, you probably already know that social media plays an increasingly important role in the online shopping evolution. 93% of consumers use social media to make purchasing decisions. 90% of them state they trust their peers’ recommendations. If you want to be competitive online, it is not an option to avoid social media. Here are eight easy ways to give your ecommerce brand a social media boost.

Optimize Your Social Media Posts For Discoverability

If you increase the number high-conversion keywords in each of your posts, they will be more visible in search: helping you get a bigger audience outside your direct followers. Do keyword research in order to discover what terms consumers are looking for. Research content related to your business, industry, and services/products, and incorporate them into your posts.

Top tip: make your posts more visual to catch the eye of your busy readers.

Create a LinkedIn Business Page For Your Ecommerce Brand

Many companies are limiting their potential without a LinkedIn company page. These pages give a range of benefits in comparison with a LinkedIn personal profile, including education and visibility. LinkedIn company pages help people learn more about your brand as well as current job and business opportunities. Here is how to create a business page on LinkedIn

A LinkedIn page will help you manage brand reputation and is good for SEO purposes.

Take Advantage of Social Media Reviews

Give your customers an opportunity to do your social media marketing for you by getting them to write social media reviews on your products. Such reviews are powerful authority boosters because they look more neutral than generic marketing speak in the eyes of the new visitors.  88% of customers report that they trust both personal recommendations and online reviews to the same degree.

Add Sharing Buttons In Strategic Places

Why not add sharing widget, such as a Facebook “Like” button, to all your pages with products? You may also want to place sharing buttons in the main elements of your site design. Encourage customers to share their product review with their Facebook friends and Twitter followers, or let them share a sales confirmation email or a sales offer.

Interact with Your Followers (Every Day)

Social media is a perfect place to interact directly with customers and prospects. Engage with your customers every day: answer their comments, ask them questions, thank them for having shared your content, and take part in their discussions. It is the perfect way to show you really care about them and want to engage them in honest dialogue.

Be Consistent

If you post social media content regularly, it will help drive more traffic to your ecommere site and improve customer involvement. Frequency can differ depending on your market, but consistency shows your audience that you want to share valuable content all the time. Marketing automation tools can help you schedule social media posts beforehand.

Get Blogging

Many ecommerce companies complain that they don’t have a steady stream of new content. The best remedy is to maintain an active blog with an inspirational educational content. This way, you will always have new topics to discuss on social media. Blogging will help you demonstrate the unique expertise or perspective of your company. Furthermore, one blog post can lead to dozens of social media posts that attract followers.

Take Advantage of Paid Advertising

In case you have a budget, elevate your social media marketing to the next level with LinkedIn ads, Promoted Tweets, or Facebook ads that drive users to a product page. As long as they are highly targeted, paid social ads will boost the traffic to your site ansd get your more sales. FACT.

Bottom Line

If you want to be competitive in ecommerce, you should integrate social media into your marketing targeting mix. If you use the right social media tactics, you can drive more traffic to your store, improve brand awareness, and ultimately grow your business.

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