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How to Adapt Your E-commerce Business Better than the Competition

When it comes to sustainability and growth in the e-commerce market, you can never stop trying to improve and come up with new and exciting ways to not only engage with your customers and reach new ones, but also to cut the curb as efficiently as possible in order to stay ahead of the game.

But success and uniqueness doesn’t come easy, or necessarily cheap, and if you really want to get ahead in the e-commerce game, there are several key guiding points you will have to follow and implement.


The first, and the most important aspect of business success, no matter the industry, no matter the cause, is establishing a strong brand. If you don’t have a distinguishable brand, with its own unique set of values, its voice, stories and images, then you have little chance of winning over the hearts and minds of your target demographic.

Why would they choose you over someone else?

What is the emotional drive behind your brand that will inspire people to connect with you?

The global market is oversaturated with generic companies that look the same, sound the same and sell the same things. While you don’t necessarily need to be selling something different, you do need to separate yourself from the rest of the herd. So, how do you do that?

Start by writing down a set of values you personally stand for and transfer them to your brand – your business is an extension of yourself. These values will be the starting point for your brand creation. From those values, you will derive a mission and vision statement which are going to portray your values in an interesting and engaging way that will serve both as a promise of trust and quality and as a value proposition to your customers.

Next, you need to establish a brand voice. Companies can communicate internally and externally in many different ways, and your unique voice will be the crucial element that separates you from the competition. The tone and voice you choose to imbue your entire brand with must correspond not only with your values but also your industry.

A store selling baby bibs have a distinctly different voice than a brand selling men’s extreme sportswear.

With that in mind, there is only one more aspect of branding you need to take care of – your visual identity. Again, this will correspond to your brand voice and value set, but because you’re running a store that needs to be easy to navigate and engaging at the same time, you need to draw a fine line between minimalism, transparency, vivid colors and vibrant images.


Your marketing efforts will determine the effectiveness of your new brand – how far will your messages travel and how engaging your images will be. After all, what’s a beautiful brand worth if there is no one to see it? Your first order of business is to produce a better all-around content for your website and external communication.

Content is king, and if you want people to purchase from your store and keep coming back, you need a professional website content writer to transform your values into blogs, promotions, descriptions, emails and advertisement, and everything in between. By working closely with your content creator, you will be able to develop a brand people will love and trust.

Your marketing strategy should always be of the “pulling” instead of the “pushing” kind. That means inspiring people to engage with your brand instead of pushing products at them – and you can do this through smart marketing tactics.

Other than creating content, you need smart advertisement. Your ads need to have a “call to action” and they need to raise some eyebrows. Be careful which platform you choose to advertise on, although you can hardly go wrong with Facebook and Instagram.

Lastly, the most powerful tactic in brand marketing – word of mouth. Never underestimate the power of customer experience and always strive to deliver more than the competition. Additionally, send out your products to influential people in your industry and have them give a shout-out to your brand on their social media profiles, or even become your full-time brand ambassadors.


Optimization, automation, speed, responsiveness, transparency – these are the keywords that your business needs to be based upon in order to deliver the best possible experience to your target demographics.

Your website needs to load instantly; your images need to be of high quality, your descriptions powerful and to the point. The store should be easy to navigate, and you need to shorten the product-to-checkout process as much as possible. Offer every type of payment method to your customers and secure free shipping worldwide if you can.

Be sure to offer loyalty cards, discounts to returning customers and deals for new ones in addition to sending coupons to those who share your store with their friends on social media. And lastly, optimize your website for mobile and desktop use. People are browsing on their smartphones more than ever and you want to take advantage of the mobile demographic as much as possible.

By following these essential guidelines, you will be able to develop a strategy that will blow the competition out of the water and establish a strong, leading brand in the e-commerce industry!



Bruce Wahl is an IT expert with years of experience. He covers all aspects of IT like programming, photoshopping and other effects. He has spent some time in the field of security and is still helping other companies with the same. In his free time, he loves to enjoy nature and his two German Shepherds.

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