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A Timeless Logo Can Do Wonders – A Brief Discussion

3 years ago
Timeless logo

Over 48 per cent of customers believe that first impression leads to strong brand loyalty. Your branding builds first impression of your business. Without any doubts, we can say that an essential part of your branding is your logo.

A logo isn’t just a symbol. It is a way for people to recognize your brand and picture your brand promise and history. It merely takes eight impressions for people to remember your logo for years to come. Therefore, it is safe to say that a logo is one of the most effective ways of ensuring brand recognition, regardless of the type of stimuli delivered.

Creating a logo is not easy. There are various factors and characteristics you must incorporate in your logo. If you manage to make it timeless, a lot of your branding-related worries will dissipate.

What is a timeless logo?

A timeless logo refers to a symbol that is able to withstand the test of time. Such logos undergo a minimal change in their design over the year. Despite this, they manage to stay relevant to their target audience across generations.

Think of the logo of the following. Nike. McDonald. Ford. Estee Lauder. Each of these companies have managed to create timeless logos. And by doing so, they have built a type of brand equity; only a few have succeeded in achieving.

How can a timeless logo help your business?

You might wonder, why should you ask your professional logo design company to create a timeless logo for you? After all, isn’t it better to do what is trendy?

The answer is: No it is not.


This is because most trends are fads. They come and go with time. If you were to change your logo with every changing trend, you would find yourself redesigning it multiple times. And that is something no brand can afford. After all, the job of your logo is to ensure awareness. How will customers recognize your brand in different usage situations, if it keeps changing its logo?

Building brand loyalty

Building brand loyalty


A timeless logo does wonders for any company because it leverages the brand history and journey to build brand resonance and equity further. Think of it this way. Whether it be your parents or your children, everyone knows that a tick mark signifies Nike. Every generation is able to relate to the brand. The company has managed to stay relevant across generation without bringing any change to its logo. Instead, it was able to showcase its history of delivering quality shoes by staying close to its root.

Reducing cost

In terms of cost, a memorable and timeless logo is an excellent investment. This is because you don’t need to spend money continuously to upgrade it a lot. Instead, few minor tweaks and voila you are done. Consider Shell. Its logo will be defined as being timeless because it has retained its essence even though it has changed a bit over the years. Such small changes are likely to cost less than a major revamp.

Ensuring recognition

Understanding consumer behaviour is an integral part of marketing. Without knowing how your customers think, you won’t be able to deliver communications that sit well with them.

One interesting concept in the field is the idea of “Just Noticeable Difference”. This refers to the threshold after which customers are able to detect a change in a brand. Anything below the threshold goes unnoticed. Brands only wish to go beyond the limit for guaranteed positive alterations in the company. For instance, price changes and better packaging might be done in a way that it passes the threshold.

However, logo changes, especially of known brands, is something that is almost always done below the threshold. If companies don’t do so, they face backlash like Gap did. Gap, in an effort to be modern, changed its logo enough to be noticed by customers. They weren’t able to recognize the logo as belonging to the brand. Eventually, Gap had to rescind its new logo.

Timeless logos ensure recognition and recall. You can use them to relay communication to your customers without overtly naming the brand. Such logos are also easier to use in product/brand placements.

What makes a timeless logo?

What makes a timeless logo


Now that you know, a timeless logo can do wonders for your business, it is essential to understand how to create one.

Here are certain features that are common in all timeless logos.

  1. Simplicity: This makes sure that the symbol doesn’t lose meaning when used in communications of different sizes
  2. Uniqueness: Timeless logos are always distinctive from their competitors. This helps in building differential equity
  3. Consistent: Your logo must be consistent with your brand promise and overall brand image


Branding has an integral role to play in the success of any business. Take your time to create the best logo. Make sure it is good enough to withstand the test of time.

Author Bio: Ashley Rosa is a freelance writer and blogger. As writing is her passion that why she loves to write articles related to the latest trends in technology and sometimes on health-tech as well.  She is crazy about chocolates. You can find her on twitter: @ashrosa2.



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